Your Path To Riches Probably Doesn't Start At The Roulette Table

Published on August 8th, 2017 10:17 pm EST

Roulette wheel photographed from inside the wheel.  Very cool angle.Roulette, unlike a game like blackjack, is pretty straightforward. You place your money down (for instance, you decide to bet $100 on red) and you wait to see where the ball lands. An experienced roulette player has no edge over a casual roulette player, aside from possibly knowing that it is foolish to play on an American roulette wheel rather than a European wheel.

With blackjack, you can count cards (unlike you get caught by the casino, that is) and know the rules of the game inside-out in order to boost your chances of winning.

With roulette, there is nothing but chance determining whether or not you win. Despite people pitching guides for making money playing roulette, there is no way of guaranteeing yourself profits at the roulette table, aside from possibly starting a casino or your own private roulette wheel.

Each and every time that you place a bet down on the roulette table, you are an underdog to win. Whether you put money down on an odd number, an even number, red, black or any other roulette betting option, you are an underdog to lose.

That's just the truth.


Can you build up a bunch of money playing roulette? If you happen to go on a lucky run, sure. If you play roulette long enough, you will eventually enjoy a run of 15+ winning bets in a row at least.

On the flip side, you will eventually go on a similar losing streak as well, which is why the Martingale strategy is such a ruinous way to gamble.

If you are thinking about buying an online strategy guide that promises you riches from playing the game of roulette, just stop.

Ask yourself two questions:

1) Why is the person who wrote the guide giving away their secrets?

2) How can you hope to have any type of long-term success in roulette if you are an underdog every time that you place a bet?