Where to Play FuryWaves

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BetFury allows you to place "futures" wagers on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP in real-time.

Did you know that BetFury also offers futures trading on "FuryWaves", the movements of which are generated entirely by an algorithm?

FuryWaves is in a way a trading simulation where you can bet on the outcome.FuryWaves, which is an original creation from BetFury, has a 24-hour trading session that starts at 0:00 UTC every day.

At the end of the 24 hour session, a new session begins and all of the open orders are closed, based on the last trading price.

It's quite simple - you bet on whether you think "FuryWaves" is going to go up or down.

After choosing the size of your wager, you also choose the "payout multiplier", which will magnify the size of your wager's potential ROI. On the flip side, you will bust out much easier as well.

For instance, you can set the payout multiplier at 1, which is the safest level and will make it nearly impossible to bust your wager.

Or, you can do the super volatile alternative, and set the payout multiplier at 1000. This can lead to a very impressive ROI if FuryWaves goes in the direction that you want, though it can also bust you out very quickly as well.


Just like with a real financial asset, you can view the chart of FuryWaves on a tick-by-tick basis, or over the following time frames:

5 seconds
15 seconds
30 seconds
1 minute
3 minutes
5 minutes
15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour
2 hours

Just like with a stock or cryptocurrency, FuryWaves can soar or crash over the course of just a few minutes. This creates opportunities for large wins or quick losses, depending on how you structure your wagers.


Let's look at a real example to see how the payout multiplier can change your potential wins and losses.

Let's say that FuryWaves is currently trading at 1,621.1, and you decide to bet $1,000 using a 1,000x payout multiplier.

After BetFury takes their 5% fixed commission, if FuryWaves goes up 1% in price, you exit at 1,637.31 and rake in a $9,500 profit, which works out to a ROI of 950%.

On the other hand, if FuryWaves goes down just 0.1% to $1,619.48, you would lose your entire $1,000 wager.

If you set your payout multiplier at 1x, this means that a 1% drop in FuryWaves would result in a 1% drop in your wager amount, while a 1% increase would yield a total profit of $1, before fees.

As mentioned, you can bet on FuryWaves to go up or down.


FuryWaves is a fun game that allows you to re-enact the excitement of trading the stock market while not having to worry about setting up an investing account, etc.

Have fun!