Where To Play Space Dice on BetFury.io

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Space Dice is one of BetFury's most popular in-house games, and is the sequel to Dice - except with a space theme.

The game, which features minimum bets of $0.0000001 and maximum bets of $3,000, is incredibly simple to play.

There is a range of numbers between 0 and 9999. You select a range of numbers in which the Space Dice can drop - the larger the range, the lower your odds to win. The smaller the range, the higher your odds to win.

Playing Space Dice at Betfury Casino can be a lot of fun.  Try it perhaps.So, for instance - let's say that you choose a range that starts at 2,395 and ends at 9545.

There is a 71.51% chance that the dice lands between (and including) 2,395 and 9,545, which would result in a 1.3847 payout.

So, if you bet $100 and the dice landed between 2,395 and 9,545, you would receive a profit of approximately $38.47.

If the dice lands outside of this range, you would lose.


Using the IN and OUT buttons, you can decide if you want the dice to land within a certain range, or if you want the dice to land OUT of a certain range.

So, using the example above, if you decided that you wanted to bet on the dice landing outside of the 2,395-9,545 range, you would be looking at a much larger potential payoff, as your odds of hitting would obviously be worse.

You can use the Min and Max buttons to tailor the bet to match up with a payoff that you would be looking to receive.

Finally, the +5 and -5 buttons allow you to increase or decrease the range (as a percentage), in order to increase or decrease your potential payouts.

Remember - the smaller the range, the bigger the potential win, and vice versa.


There is also a "jackpot" that is constantly ongoing, where you can potentially secure yourself a large payout if a certain assortment of numbers hits, in no particular order.

For instance - right now, the jackpot will pay out if you hit a number starting with a 7, and then three more numbers starting with 77.

So, let's say the range number was 7,000, followed by 7741, 7785 and 7763. In this case, you would win a share of the jackpot. It doesn't matter the order that the numbers hit - they just have to hit over the course of four spins.

The amount of the jackpot is determined by the size of your lowest bet during the four bets.


That's it! Enjoy your time at the tables!