Multi-Player Slide Game Offers Potential 1,000,000x Payout

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Do you like multi-player games?

Do you like games that offer the possibility of securing a 1,000,000x payout?

Slide is a very simple game that you can try at Stake Casino.  The King explains the ins and outs.Do you like games that are dead-simple to play?

If so, Slide on Stake is for you.

Slide on Stake is a original game that is modelled on CSGO roulette.

Slide offers 98% payouts and is very easy to jump in and out of. While other games, like poker, require an investment of time, Slide on Stake allows you to play a few spins and then leave.

With Slide, you are betting on which payout the flipper will land on. If the flipper lands on the payout that you bet on, you will receive the amount of that payout, multiplied by the total amount of your wager.

So, if you bet $100 on the 100x payout and the flipper lands on the 100x payout, you would walk away with a very nice five-figure payout.

There is a period of time before each spin when you can get your bets down. After that, betting closes and the "slide" takes place.

Think of it like a roulette wheel, where you can place bets on different numbers. Unlike roulette, however, you can score payouts that are as big as 1,000,000x.

This is a multi-player game, so everyone who is betting at the virtual table will be betting on the same game. accomplishes this by using a "hash" which can be publicly accessed. This is done to ensure the integrity of the game, and to ensure that everybody is playing with the same "board".


With Slide on Stake, you can use their tools to enable auto-playing.

For instance, you can set up the software to play 100 straight spins at a certain payout.

Or, you can set the software to play an unlimited number of games, only stopping when a certain profit and/or stop loss is hit.

You don't have to sit and manually bet every time - you can let the software accomplish this for you.


Slide on Stake is a tremendously fun game that can keep you occupied for hours on end. The potentially large payouts will keep anybody interested.