Where to Play Blackjack on Stake.com

Click Here To Play Blackjack on Stake.com!

Much has been made about the roster of Stake.com original games, such as Plinko, HiLo and more.

For those wanting a more "typical" casino game, however, the version of Stake.com blackjack might be for you.

Bare and bones blackjack game at Stake is quite awesome.There are no flashy graphics. There are no "live" dealers that take too long. There are no other players at the table that you have to wait on.

Instead, it's just you vs the computer in the Stake.com original version of blackjack.

The interface is clean, the betting is easy and the action is quick. If you are a person that wants to get as many bets in as possible, without having to wait for other people to act or for a live dealer to slowly deal the cards, this game is for you.

To access the game, simply click the link above and head to the Stake.com Originals section.

Here you will find the Stake.com version of Blackjack, which is usually one of their most popular games.

Blackjack pays out at 3 to 2, while insurance pays 2 to 1.

There are no unusual variations on the game. It's simple, straight up blackjack. There are four buttons:

1. Hit.
2. Stand.
3. Split.
4. Double.

This game was made for blackjack players who want to get in as many hands as possible. If you are looking for something fancier, go and play the Live Blackjack version that Stake.com also offers.

If you want to work on your blackjack game, or just have a bit of fun for a few minutes, I would highly recommend the Stake.com blackjack game.