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Like most of's original offerings, Wheel is absurdly easy to play.

The concept behind Wheel is simple - a virtual wheel is spun, and you receive a payout based on what color the "flipper" lands on.

Casino game Wheel at Stake is minimalistic, yet very fun to play.There are three different risk levels - low, medium and high. The higher the risk level, the higher potential payouts. The flip side, of course, is that there is a greater chance that you bust out.

In addition, you can also choose which number of "segments" you want. This means that there are more places for the virtual flipper to land on, the higher the number of segments.

So, for instance, let's say that you decide on Medium risk with a total number of 50 segments.

Imagine a wheel that is divided into 50 sections. In total, there are five different colors.

If you land on dark blue, you will lose your bet and receive nothing.

If you land on green, you will receive a 1.5x payout on your bet.

If you land on yellow, you will receive a 2.0x payout on your bet.

If you land on purple, you will receive a 3.0x payout on your bet.

If you land on light blue, you will receive a 5.0x payout on your bet.

On a 50 segment board at medium risk, every second square is dark blue, meaning that there is a 50% chance that you lose your wager.

In the case of the light blue square (5.0x payout), there is just one light blue square on the board.

With a high risk wheel, there is just 1 square out of 50 that pays out, but it pays out at 49.5x.


Like with most of the other original games, you can set up auto-betting features such as stop losses, automatic increases/decreases after losses, general auto bets and more.

With a game like Wheel, you can definitely just fire up some auto-bets and let the software rip. There is no waiting between virtual spins of the wheel, meaning you can put in an immense amount of volume if you want to.

This is more of a game for volume grinders, but it's simplicity will definitely appeal to those who want to start playing right away.

Best of luck at the virtual wheel!