Roulette Online vs. in Vegas

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Some people like the bright lights of Las Vegas. They book their room in the Flamingo, fly down, see some shows, eat at the Vegas buffets, and bet a little money on the roulette wheel. However, this is an expensive, once a year type proposition. What happens if you are bored one night, and want to play some roulette, right there and right then? Booking a red eye flight to Vegas isn't an option. This is exactly the reason why playing at online casinos has sky-rocketed in popularity over the last few years. It's fun, it's quick, and it mimicks the real life experience of playing at a real casino.

Why play roulette online instead of at a real casino? As I already mentioned, the cost of playing at Vegas is much higher. You have your room fee, your plane ticket, the cost of eating out while there, etc. It is very expensive. However, playing online is free. You can play at 3 am in the morning, while dressed in your bathrobe, eating a bowl full of popcorn. No one will rush you; you can take 20 minutes to place your next bets. You can have a notebook full of roulette strategies in front of you and no one will hassle you. The allure of the online casino is the convenience and ease of use.

In addition to this, your odds of winning at an online casino are higher than the odds of winning in Vegas. Why? Because online casinos costs are lower, so they can afford to pay out a higher percentage to the customer. Competition for online casino customers is very fierce, so not only will online casinos pay out a higher percentage of winnings to their customers, but they will also award lucrative, no strings attached bonuses. Online casinos offer a wide array of bonuses, from matching your initial deposit up to 100%, to continuously awarding bonuses based on the amount that you play.

The best part about playing online is the lack of distractions. Roulette is a very social game, and usually draws large crowds in Las Vegas. If you want to concentrate on the game, it can be hard to do so. However, playing online, it is just you and the computer, so you can focus on improving your play. Graphically speaking, online roulette games these days are so advanced that you probably won't even notice the difference anyways. Just put your feet up on the desk, load up your casino software, and have a few hours of fun, without the expense of travelling to Vegas.