Where and How to Play Crazy Time

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Crazy Time combines the fun and excitement of a game show with the interactivity of the Internet.

The game, which is provided by Evolution, is one of the most popular online, as it has a social aspect, an interactive aspect and a game show aspect that appeals to practically everybody.

How is the game Crazy TIme played at an online casino?  Who made the game and how does one win in it?The basis of Crazy Time is a gigantic wheel which a real, live host spins.

Players are invited to place their bets before the start of each round - bets can range from as little as $0.10, all the way up to $15,000 per bet.

As you can imagine, the more you bet, the more you can win.

The wheel contains eight different types of "slots", ranging from the most abundant (the number 1), to the least abundant (the 10, which pays out 10x, as well as the bonus game slots).

In order to qualify for a payout or a trip to a bonus game, you must place a bet on the corresponding slot.

So, if you place a $100 bet on the number 1 and the flipper stops there, you will receive a 100% profit.

If you bet on the number 1 and the flipper stops on a bonus game, you will lose.

There are also multipliers that are available to be won as well. If the spinner stops on the corresponding multiplier for each round, all winning players will be entitled to a multiplier on their potential winnings.

Here are the payouts for the four numbers:

Number 1 - Pays 1x
Number 2 - Pays 2x
Number 5 - Pays 5x
Number 10 - Pays 10x

There are four bonus games as well:

Coin Flip
Cash Hunt
Crazy Time

The payouts on these games vary greatly, as the games are interactive and require players to make a choice.

Let's take a look at the breakdown for each of the four bonus games:

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

The host will move in front of a large screen that is covered with 108 random multipliers. The multipliers are covered by symbols and shuffled beforehand.

Players select the symbols that they believe will contain the highest multipliers.

The multipliers are then revealed, and each player will receive the multiplier that they chose beforehand.

Coin Flip Bonus Game

A coin with a red and blue side is flipped, and corresponding multipliers for each side are randomly chosen.

The corresponding red/blue side is paid out depending on where the coin ends up landing.

That's it! Super simple.

Pachinko Bonus Game

In this game, the host climbs to the top of a Pachinko wall which is covered with pegs.

At the bottom of the wall are a bunch of different slots, including multipliers and slots that contain DOUBLE values.

If the puck lands on the Double value, the potential multipliers are doubled and the puck is dropped again.

This continues until a multiplier is hit, and then the multiplier, plus any corresponding doubles, are paid out.

The maximum potential multiplier is 10,000x.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

This is one of the most popular bonus games, as it involves an unbelievable virtual world and a giant wheel.

Before the spin, players pick a flapper - either Red, Green or Yellow.

If the flapper ends up on the Double or Triple slot, the wheel is spun again, and players who chose the correct flapper will receive a corresponding double or triple on their eventual multiplier.

Players can receive a total multiplier of up to 20,000x - that is the limit.


Crazy Time is super fun, social and interactive.

Give it a try today!