A Look at the Rules Regarding Taking Chips From a Casino

Published on take-chips-casino

Taking casino chips home as souvenirs.  Dos and donts.Can I take chips from a casino when I leave? Can I keep them as a souvenir, or just take them home with me to use at a later time?

The answer is - it depends, but you are most likely fine taking chips from a casino.

If you are playing table games like blackjack or roulette and want to take some or all of your chips home with you, that's almost always fine.

After all, these chips have a cash value, and the casino would be fine with these chips just sitting in your safe or getting forgotten about. More money for them!

Some people like to keep chips in their safe at home, or some people simply like to take a chip or two from the casino that they have played at to have a souvenir. There is usually nothing wrong with that.

The only "no-no" is taking chips from a tournament poker game with you - those should stay at the table, and you shouldn't remove them. Casinos don't like this.


There are many reasons why people would want to take chips from a casino:

1) They want to keep the chips at home

2) They want to keep the chips in their hotel room safe as they plan on playing again shortly

3) They want a souvenir

The issue that some people run into is that casinos can ask questions if you take large chips home with you and then try to cash them in at a later date.

The casinos are actively trying to stop money laundering, so they will likely ask questions if you are trying to cash in older casino chips.


If you want to take some chips with you from the casino, they likely won't care, but don't take chips with you from a tournament poker game. A cash game, on the other hand, is a different story.