Definition of Pokie

What does the term "pokie" mean in the world of gambling? What is meant by the term "pokie"?

If you have visited a casino in Australia or New Zealand, you have almost certainly heard the term "pokie" being used.

If you are wondering what the term means, wonder no more.

The Casino King explains the meaning an d origin of the popular Australian term Pokie.  Slot machine illustration.  777.A "pokie" is a slang term used to describe a slot machine in Australia or New Zealand.

"Pokie" is shortened from "poker machine". Don't ask me why a slot machine is referred to as a "poker machine", but that is the way it is in Australia and New Zealand.

Some believe that the first slot machines in Australia and New Zealand were actually video poker, and people shortened the term "poker machine" due to "pokie". As slot machines were introduced in Australia and New Zealand, the term "pokie" was used to describe across-the-board for all video poker and slot machines.


Pokies are very popular in Australia and New Zealand. On a per-capita basis, these two countries enjoy gambling as much as any other countries in the world.