Roulette Strategies

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Like we have mentioned in previous articles, the house has the advantage when it comes to roulette. The secret is to leave the table while you are ahead; easier said than done, I know, but statistically speaking if you are beating the table, eventually you will lose your money back. The house has a +5% advantage on every spin of the wheel don't forget.

Print out the odds associated with each different type of bet. Go through this list and commit the list to memory. Read everything that you can on the game of roulette.

Read every article in our Articles section, and read every page on this site. It will enhance your playing skills immensely.

Unlike a game like blackjack or poker, the only involvement that a player has is in placing his bet and watching as the dealer spins the ball. There are no "tells" like in poker, or no counting of the cards like in blackjack. You are completely at the mercy of the dealer (or "croupier" as they are called).

The first thing you should do, in order to improve your odds, is to seek out a European roulette wheel. There is one less number, so that odds of you winning are slightly greater. Over a full night of roulette, this will prove to be a big advantage to you, as the house % edge is reduced by a couple of %.

So, in recap: knowledge of the different kinds of roulette tables, knowledge of the odds and different types of bets is the greatest advantage that a roulette player can give themselves.