What is the Etiquette in Railing a Roulette Table?

Published on November 27th, 2005 1:18 pm EST

So let's say that you don't necessary want to gamble at this precise moment, but you feel like watching someone else gamble. You perhaps want to be part of one of those big crowds that watches someone else spin the roulette wheel for big money? Here are some tips and rules of etiquette to make sure that the person doing the gambling will welcome your presence:

1) Keep your distance. Lend an occasional word of encouragement every 10 spins or so. Don't be one of those people that screams and shouts in the ears of the gambler and grabs their shoulders every spin.

2) If the players loses, offer words of encouragement.

3) If the player loses a bunch of hands in a row, suggest that they go take a walk and come back to cool off.

4) When the player finishes, shake their hand or pat them on the back, and tell them that they did a great job, and thank them for the excitement.