Three Steps To Limit The Volatility of Your Cash When Playing at Crypto-Casinos

Published on February 16th, 2018 10:02 pm EST

Cryptocurrency online casino - Bitcoin coins over spade, heart, diamond and club background.As you have likely come to realize, holding crypto-currencies can be a heart-stopping experience due to their extreme volatility.

After all, you could conceivably purchase 10k Euros worth of Bitcoin on a Thursday, only to watch the value of your Bitcoins drop by 20% by Saturday. It has happened before and it will almost surely happen again.

There are steps that you can take towards limiting the volatility of your cryptocurrency holdings, especially as it pertains to playing at online casinos that accept crypto-currencies for deposits and withdrawals.

Here are three steps that you can take:

1) Immediately withdraw any large wins. If you happen to hit a big progressive jackpot or win a big sports bet, there is nothing stopping you from withdrawing this money and transferring it to the fiat currency of your choice at your favourite cryptocurrency exchange.

2) Minimize the size of your deposits to only what you need/what you can clear in a bonus. If your favourite crypto-casino is offering you a 100% deposit bonus of up to 1 BTC and reload bonuses on top of that, there is really no good reason to purchase more than 1 BTC for use on the site. Instead, transfer your fiat currency to Bitcoin as you need it - this will help to minimize volatility.

3) Only purchase an amount of crypto-currency that you would be comfortable losing. This is self-explanatory - if the amount of crypto-currency in your wallet is keeping you up at night, you almost certainly own too much and should pare your holdings.


Follow these three steps and you can help to limit the amount of volatility that your crypto-currency portfolio undergoes when playing at your favourite online casino.