What Are The Different Types of Roulette Bets?

Published on August 1st, 2006 7:03 pm EST

Once you learn the bets in the game of Roulette, you will find it to be an easy and exciting game to play. It is great for beginning gamblers because there are few rules and the bets are not complicated at all.

There are two types of bets in Roulette- Inside and Outside bets. We will discuss them both here in detail so that you will understand them perfectly. After you read this, there should be no confusion as to what each bet that you place at the roulette table means.

Inside Bets

1. Single Number bets: Also known as a Straight-Up bet. The numbers 1-36 are placed individually in numeric order on the roulette betting area. You can make a bet on one or more of these numbers. If the ball should land on a number you bet on, the payout to you is 35:1.
2. Split Bet: This is a bet where you are essentially betting on two different numbers with the same chips. This is allowed in Roulette if the numbers you are betting on are beside each other. To place this type of bet, you simply put the chips on the line separating the two numbers. If either number hits, you get paid on 17:1 odds.
3. Street Bet: This is similar to the Split bet, only you are betting on three numbers (in a row) instead of two. For instance, if you want to place a bet on 1, 2 and 3 all at once with one set of chips, then place the chips on the line that is just outside that row. If anyone of the number hits, you get paid on odds of 11:1.
4. Corner Bet: Also known as a Square bet. Similar to the Street bet, only you are betting on four numbers that all touch in a box. All you do is place your chips in the cross section that connects all four numbers. If any one of the four numbers hits, you get paid on odds of 8:1.
5. Square Bet: This is a highly specialized bet. It means you want to bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3 all at once. You simply place your chips on the intersecting line by the zero to place this bet. If any of the four numbers hit, you are paid on odds of 8:1, the same as a Corner bet (which is sometimes referred to as a square bet as well).

Outside Bets

1. Even or Odd: This is a bet that the number that hits will be either even or odd. If a 17 hits, then anyone who bets on odd wins. If a 22 hits, then anyone who bet on even wins. If you do win, then you are paid on odds of 1:1. If a zero (or double zero, if you are playing American Roulette) hits, then neither bet wins.
2. Black or Red: This means that you are betting on the color of the number that wins. Somebody wins on odds of 1:1 if they choose the right color, unless of course the zero or double zero (American Roulette only) hits, then neither of these bets is a winner.
3. High or Low: You are essentially betting on whether the number that wins is between 1-18 or 19-36. If the number that is the winner is contained in the set of numbers you chose, then you win on odds of 1:1. If a zero or a double zero (American Roulette only) wins, then all bets of these types lose.
4. Column Bets: These are special bets that mean you are betting on an entire column of numbers. You can find the appropriate place to place your chips for this bet where the "2 to 1" is written. Those also happen to be the payout odds if you pick a column with the winning number in it.
5. Dozens Bet: This is a bet on an entire column of 12 numbers at once. If the winning number is in the column you bet on, you win on odds of 2:1. You can choose 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36.

Though this seems like a lot of bets to remember, they really are quite easy to learn. And remember this- if at anytime you have a question about chip placement, odds or anything else, you can always ask the dealer. They are there to help. In fact, they want to help you because if they do, you are more likely to continue playing- which is exactly what the casino wants.