Follow These Rules of Etiquette To Make Things More Fun For Everyone

Published on April 11th, 2021 11:49 am EST

Simple rules to follow while at the slots section of a casino.It's Friday night at your local casino. It's busy.

You walk to the slot machine section of the casino and sit down at an unoccupied machine.

A few seconds later, you are getting yelled at by a lady for "sitting at her machine".

You look over and realize that she is playing five slot machines at once.

What is the proper etiquette here?


Slot machines are very popular, and your typical slot machine section of a casino will likely be very busy, especially on a weekend.

For that reason, rules and etiquette must be followed in order to ensure that everybody is having a good time.

Here are some rules of etiquette that you can follow when spending a night at the casino playing slots:

1. Only play one machine when the casino is busy.

If the casino is completely empty and you want to play two machines at once, that's fine.

If the casino is on the busier side, don't be a "slot machine hog" - just play one machine at a time.

2. If you need to leave momentarily, take your stuff and go.

If you have somebody with you that can watch your machine while you go to the bathroom, that's fine.

If you are by yourself, just take your things with you - don't leave your stuff at an empty machine.

And if you leave a machine and somebody sits down, don't be mad at them, and especially don't be mad if they win shortly after you depart.

3. Have fun, but don't make a scene.

Everybody goes to the casino to play slots for the same reason - to enjoy themselves.

Don't be the person that is constantly hooting, hollering and cursing.


It's obviously important to enjoy yourself while at a casino, though it's also important to remember that other people are trying to enjoy themselves as well.