Sponsorship Deals Usually Work The Same Way

Published on April 17th, 2021 4:44 pm EST

Casino sponsorship deals are becoming more and more popular.If you follow the Slots community on Twitch.tv, you have likely watched some of the biggest streamers play with hundreds of thousands of dollars in their accounts.

Are they just really rich? Is it their own money that they are gambling with?

If it isn't their own money, how do the sponsorship deals work?


If you've watched the streams of the top Slots Twitch.tv streamers, you have probably noticed that they almost always play at the same online casino.

This is because, more often than not, the online casino has a deal with the streamer.

Here is how MOST of the deals work:

1. Streamer and online casino make an agreement.

2. Streamer will get a predetermined amount of money to play with per session - let's say $50,000 as a starting balance.

3. The online casino will allow them to keep a percentage of the profits in most cases - 20-25% is pretty standard.

4. Also, the streamer agrees to pay a % of their profits to their followings at the end of their session - usually it's something like 5-20% of the total profits.

Note: These profits are only paid out to accounts at the online casino, and it is usually subject to heavy play-through requirements


So, what are the benefits of these deals?

The streamer benefits because they are playing with large amounts of money, which helps to attract viewers.

The online casino gets exposure for their site.

The viewers potentially get some of the profits, which they will put to use at the online casino that is sponsoring the stream.


It's important to note that in almost all cases, the streamers are NOT playing with their own money, though they do potentially get a score if they get a big profit for the session.