Finnish Man Won Roughly $24 Million in 2013

Published on May 4th, 2021 12:04 am EST

The progressive slots record.  Illustration.On January 20th, 2013, a Finnish man won a life-changing amount of money on is a regional online casino that is run and owned by the regional government.

The site had a progressive slots jackpot that had worked its way up to a staggering €17,861,800.


The unnamed Finnish man in his 40s decided to sit down to play some slots.

With a balance of just €18.18, this man decided to play some €0.25 pulls of the Mega Fortune progressive jackpot game.

Maybe this man was hoping for a big win, and maybe he was just wasting some time before/after work.

Either way, the man was in for the surprise of a lifetime after winning the progressive jackpot.

In the end, the total was:



In fact, there is a video available on Youtube which shows the win - here it is:


Progressive jackpots are popular for the very reason that you see above - this give you the chance to win a very large amount of money in exchange for a very small wager.