How To Get Casinos To "Comp" You

Published on May 8th, 2021 5:46 pm EST

The Casino comps  and how they work are explained in this article.Casinos, especially casinos in places like Las Vegas and Macau, will spend many millions of dollars per year "comping" players.

"Comping" is when you give your players "perks" in order to play in your casino.

This can include free hotel rooms, free food and even free use of the casino's private jet.

So, how do casinos decide who gets comped and who doesn't?

The biggest factor is how much you lose gambling in their casinos.

The more you lose, the more "comps" you will get.

After all, as a money-making venture, casinos make money when their customers lose money.

So, it only makes sense that casinos would bend over backwards to attract these "whales" back to their casinos.

You come to the casino every weekend to lose a couple of hundred dollars playing blackjack? Here are some food coupons for you.

Lose a couple of thousand a month betting on sports? We'll let you stay a weekend a month at our casino for free.

Lose a million playing baccarat? We'll send a private jet to anywhere in the world to pick you up to bring you to our casino.


That is exactly how the world of casino comps works.

The more you lose, the more "comps" you will get.

If you are a winning player and spend 16 hours a day at the poker tables, the casino probably won't comp you more than free food coupons and the occasional free hotel room.

If you lose serious money in the gambling pits, you will almost certainly attract the attention of the casino and get some serious comps.