A Follow-Up To Our Lightning Roulette Article

Published on March 19th, 2022 5:45 pm EST

Lightning Roulette casino game - House edge and payouts - Explanation.A good question that is asked regarding the "Lightning Roulette" game, which is very popular on sites such as Roobet and Stake.com:

What's the catch?

After all, how can Lightning Roulette offer Lucky Payouts of up to 500x, while traditional European roulette offers much lower straight bet payouts?

You have every right to be suspicious, so let's take you through how Lightning Roulette can offer these very high potential payouts.


The traditional game of roulette offers 35:1 payouts for "straight bets", which is when you place a bet on a single number, such as 4 or 27.

In lightning roulette, if you place a straight bet on a number and it hits but your number wasn't "lucky", you will receive a payout of 30:1.

There is the "catch" - the straight bets that aren't multiplied pay out at a significantly lower level than your traditional game of roulette.

So, the Lightning Roulette operators do incur larger payouts when a player is lucky enough to hit a "Lucky Number" with a "Lucky Payout", though their unedge on traditional straight bet payouts is MUCH, MUCH higher.

This is how the Lightning Roulette operators manage such large payouts - their edge is much higher with the traditional straight bet payouts.


Many people like the idea of higher payouts in exchange for the "house" having a much higher edge - this is similar to a slot machine, where the casino has a much higher edge but the potential payouts are much higher.

Keep this in mind before sitting down to play some Lightning Roulette, as the edge is much different than traditional roulette.