Debunking One Of The Greatest Las Vegas Myths

Published on July 22nd, 2022 3:04 pm EST

What is the air like inside the Las Vegas casinos?  The King provides an answer.It's a Las Vegas myth that you have almost certainly heard - that casinos will pump extra oxygen into the air in order to make customers feel lively and awake (and less likely to leave).

Is it true?


There are many things that Las Vegas casinos do in order to make you less likely to leave, but pumping extra oxygen into the air is NOT one of them.

In fact, pumping extra oxygen into the air is unsafe, as it makes the air inside of the casino more flammable.

The casinos will most certainly keep the air chilly, as warmer air makes customers more sleepy and less likely to stay.

The cool air invigorates customers inside of the casino. Combine that with the adrenaline that is produced when gambling and you have a recipe for people thinking that the casinos must be injecting SOMETHING into the air.

This Las Vegas myth, however, is simply not true due to the safety aspects of pumping extra oxygen into the air.


Here is what the casinos WILL do to make it harder for you to leave:

1) Remove all clocks
2) Shade the windows so you don't know when the sun is coming up
3) Provide cheap meals and drinks
4) Keep the air chilled
5) Build the casino in a way so it is not particularly easy to find the exit

What the casinos will NOT do, however, is inject anything into the air in order to "pump you up".