Revell Doubled His Life Savings in One Fateful Spin of the Wheel

Published on April 14th, 2023 1:06 pm EST

A man who bet everything on roulette red.On April 11th, 2004, Ashley Revell bet his entire life savings on "red" at the roulette table.

We aren't saying that he took all of his life savings and decided to try to be a professional gambler in Las Vegas, which is what many people attempt to do.

Instead, Revell bet EVERYTHING on one spin of the roulette wheel.

What happened?


In 2004, Ashley Revell decided that he had had enough of his mundane life, and he wanted to go "all-in".

Revell sold everything that he owned - we are talking everything, including his clothes - and booked a ticket to Las Vegas.

Revell decided that he was going to bet his ENTIRE life savings on one spin of the roulette wheel.

An online bookmaker - Blue Square - heard about it and wanted to contribute to Revell's fund.

The asking price? Blue Square asked that Revell legally change his name to Ashley Blue Square Revell, which he did.


When Revell arrived in Las Vegas, he had roughly 75,000 pounds, or $135,300 US dollars.

Sky One was there to film the fateful spin, and they would eventually turn the event into a mini-series called "Double or Nothing".

What would Revell do if he lost? He literally had nothing to his name, other than the name that he was going to put down on the roulette table.

Revell didn't care - he would figure something out and land on his feet.


Revell decided that he was going to put everything down on "red" - that was his play.

All $135,300 went down on the table, with Sky One lurking with their cameras in the background.

The croupier spun the roulette wheel, and the white ball landed on..

7 - a red number!

Revell had doubled his money to over $270,000.

The bet had paid off.


Revell realized, after selling off everything that he owned, that there were more important things in life than just money.

Revell purchased a motorbike and set off across Europe, where he eventually met his wife.

According to various reports, Revell is now living happily with his family and raising his family.

Revell ended up winning in more ways than one.