Barkley Estimates He Has Lost Between $10-$30 Million Gambling Throughout the Years

Published on April 17th, 2023 2:19 pm EST

In photo: Charles Barkley.  Big Las Vegas gambler with the discipline to walk away.Charles Barkley, aka the "Round Mound of Rebound", is a Hall of Fame basketball player who is know arguably the most valuable sports commentator in the world.

Barkley, who made a fortune while playing in the NBA, has made even more money post-retirement, as he pulls in an estimated $20 million+ per year from his gig with TBS, in addition to his various endorsement deals.

Barkley has admitted that his post-NBA paychecks have come in handy, as he loves to gamble in Las Vegas.

Barkley has reportedly lost between $10-$30 million in Las Vegas over the course of his life, mostly at the blackjack tables and at the sportsbooks.


Charles Barkley has said that gambling is a problem for him, though he has the money to withstand big losses.

According to an article on, the NBA Hall of Famer once lost $2.5 million over a 6 hour stretch in Las Vegas.

Barkley has said that the loss was embarrassing and hard to take, though he makes more than enough money to cover the losses.

In fact, Barkley has said that he doesn't touch his TBS earnings when it comes to gambling - instead, he uses his endorsement deal money to gamble.


Barkley has said that he has lost $1 million in Las Vegas "probably 30 times", though he has also won big as well.

While Barkley has lost an enormous amount of money gambling over the course of his life, he also has had the discipline to walk away when the losses have piled up.

In fact, he recently took a two-year break from gambling.


Barkley has been unapologetic about his gambling losses, as he only loses what he can afford to lose, and he always has the discipline to walk away.