Counting Cards Can Get You Banned From Casinos

Published on May 5th, 2023 1:26 pm EST

Is advantage play such as counting cards legal?  The King explains.A common question that we often hear:

Will counting cards get me arrested?

The answer is no.


Counting cards isn't ILLEGAL - after all, you are not cheating the game by counting cards in your head.

Having said that, casinos are completely within their rights to ban you from their properties if they suspect you of counting cards, or taking part in any other sort of advantage play.

Advantage play is not illegal, as it is not cheating (which is illegal).

If you are counting cards in your head, you are not doing anything that is against the law.

Casinos, as mentioned, can ban you for counting cards, as they can control who is allowed inside of their doors and who isn't.

In fact, casinos add suspected card counters to lists, and these lists are shared amongst other casinos.


Casinos make it as hard as possible to count cards these days, so you probably shouldn't even waste your time.

Many precautions are taken to make things are difficult as possible for card counters, and casino employees are trained to look for card counters.


In short - it's not illegal, but counting cards can certainly get you booted from a casino.