Ben Affleck Says That He Got "Too Good" and Casino Forced Him To Stop

Published on May 13th, 2023 3:10 pm EST

Ben Affleck is a person of many talents.  Very good poker and blackjack player.In 2014, TMZ reported that Ben Affleck had been "banned" from the Hard Rock Casino for life for counting cards while playing blackjack.

Affleck has a well-known love of gambling, and is also a very good poker player.

In fact, he once won a major poker tournament.

Affleck confirmed the reports in 2014, during an interview with Vanity Fair.

Affleck doesn't specifically use the words "counting cards" - instead, he says that he got "really good" at playing blackjack, and was asked to stop playing by the Hard Rock casino.

According to reports, Affleck won $800,000 while playing at a high rollers table at the Hard Rock, and the casino asked him to stop playing blackjack.

Given the circumstances involved, the casino surely believed that Affleck was counting cards, and he never specifically denied this.

He would only say that he was "good at the game" and casinos don't like it when they are losing.


Affleck says that he was not specifically banned from the Hard Rock Casino - instead, he was simply asked not to play blackjack.

This is obviously a perk of being a celebrity, as practically any other person on Earth would have been permanently banned from the casino if they were suspected of counting cards.


In recent years, Affleck has seemingly turned away from gambling, so there haven't been any additional reports of him being asked not to play blackjack.

The lesson - casinos will ban you from playing blackjack if they suspect you of counting cards, even if you are Ben Affleck.