Is Backed By Co-Founders

Published on January 4th, 2024 5:50 pm EST

Propelling the growth of the online casino business.Sites like had a big problem.

In September of 2022, announced that they were banning the streaming of slots, roulette and dice games featuring unlicensed sites.

For sites like, was their lifeblood, as popular streamers like Roshtein and trainwreckstv were sending them thousands of new players on a regular basis. is owned by, and is a massive publicly traded company that must play by the rules.

After an outcry regarding online gambling streams that were targeting younger people, brought the hammer down on sites like


In an effort to keep their marketing avenue rolling, the co-founders of, Bijan Tehrani and Ed Craven, came up with the idea for - an independent streaming site that would allow the streaming of online gambling activities on unlicensed sites, among other things.

In October of 2022, was born, and the site continues to grow in popularity.


The site is seen as more user-friendly than Twitch, as charges just 5% of the revenues that streamers bring in, which is much less than

The owners of don't care that much about the revenues - instead, they simply need to make enough money for to continue to receive thousands of new accounts every month, courtesy of the streamers like Trainwreckstv and xQc.

In order to help build the popularity of, the owners signed prominent streamers such as ADin Ross, xQc and Ice Poseidon to lucrative sponsorship deals.

The move worked, as the site currently posts over 200,000 livestreams per day, and the most prominent streamers regularly have 10,000+ of concurrent watchers.

- would have survived if they had just accepted their ban from, but the establishment of has continued to propel their growth even higher.