Only Six States Have Legalized Online Casinos

Published on January 6th, 2024 7:50 pm EST

The legalization of online gambling in the United States is moving at a glacial pace.While many US states have legalized online sports betting, only six states (so far) have legalized online casinos.

The reason? Sports betting is a much bigger (and much more lucrative) industry than online casinos, which is why there hasn't been as much of a push into the online casino space.


Here are the six states that currently offer legal online casino action (Rhode Island is expected to follow in 2024 as the 7th state):

New Jersey
West Virginia

In some of these states, the online casino offerings are pretty slim.

New Jersey has the most diverse selection of offerings, as their online casino industry is over 10 years old.

New Jersey was aggressive with the legalization of online poker, online sports betting and online casinos, and the efforts have paid off, as they are now seen as the Nevada of online gambling.


Rhode Island, as mentioned, has passed legislation and is expected to introduce their legal online casino offerings in 2024.

Other states, such as Texas, are still trying to pass legislation.


As mentioned, online casinos just aren't as popular as online sports betting, which is why the pace of online casino legalization has been glacial.