Senator Joseph Addabbo Leading Charge for Legal Online Casinos in New York

Published on January 10th, 2024 6:39 pm EST

Push for online casino legalization is on in New York.The state of New York continues to work towards the legalization of online casinos, though nothing has been signed as of yet.

Legalized sports betting has been a big hit in the state of New York, as New York accounts for roughly 14% of the total US market share in online sports betting.

Gamblers in New York are obviously asking the question - when are legal online casino games coming?


When approved, New York would join a small handful of states - including New Jersey and Pennsylvania - in offering legal online casinos.

There was hope that online casino legislation would make it into the annual budget in 2023, but that didn't come to pass.

Now, with the months ticking down towards the next budget, Senator Joseph P. Addabbo and Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow continue to work on a bill that would legal online casinos in the state of New York.


There are many moving parts when it comes to crafting an online casino bill, and many parties that must be made whole.

One of those impacted groups would be brick-and-mortar casino workers, and any legislation would likely include a multi-million fund for these workers.


There is no doubt that the state of New York could use the taxes, and there is also no doubt that online casino operators in the state would pay a high price.

With that being said, there is growing optimism that an online casino deal in New York can be passed into law in 2024.