Player Hit It Lucky Twice in One Day at Caesars Palace

Published on March 7th, 2024 5:18 pm EST

Lucky gambler wins big - Two jackpots.A great day for a lucky gambler at Caesars Palace, and not such a great day for the casino.

On March 2nd, a regular Caesars Palace customer walked into the casino for some of their regular slot machine action.

Their day got off to a perfect start when they pulled the handle and saw the machine spit out a $165,000 jackpot.

Now, in this situation, most people will take their money and go out to celebrate. Maybe a show or some dinner at one of the casino's high-end restaurant.

This person, however, wanted to stay and play some more. They felt hot, and it's a good thing that they stayed.


This person decided that they were going to move to another machine, and it's a good thing that they did.

A short while after hitting a $165,000 jackpot, they did it again.

Only this time, the prize was $545,000.

The casino was flabbergasted and likely thought that something fishy was going on.

After surely checking their tapes and the machines, Caesars Palace paid out yet another whopping six-figure payout to the same customer.


At this point, the customer had had enough, and decided to depart the casino, over $700,000 richer.

I would imagine that they decided to enjoy a nice dinner at this point, likely feeling that their luck had run out for the day.