Liu Changjian Reportedly Faked His Own Kidnapping To Receive More Gambling Funds From His Family

Published on March 12th, 2024 5:36 pm EST

The kidnapping that wasnt.It seemed like a simple enough scheme.

Liu Changjian was in Singapore for a gambling trip and things weren't going well.

In fact, Changjian dropped about S$5,500, which works out to around $4,000 USD or so.

Instead of taking his lumps and heading home, Changjian concocted an ingenious plan (to him) to prolong his gambling trip.

He'd tell his family that he had been kidnapped, and they'd be forced to pay ransom.

Changjian's aunt received a distressing message on a messaging app.

Her nephew had been kidnapped, and she was being asked for ransom.

To illustrate the severity of the threat, Changjian's documents were shown in a picture that was sent to his aunt.

The problem? Changjian was the one writing the ransom note.


Changjian thought that his aunt would panic and quickly send the money over, allowing him to prolong his trip.

Instead, she called the authorities.

The authorities quickly figured out that Changjian was behind the note and went to arrest the would-be criminal.

Changjian wasn't too hard to find - he was still in the casino, awaiting the funds from his aunt.


So, instead of heading back to China a bit embarrassed, Changjian found himself in jail.

Certainly not a very smart move.