How Do I Become A VIP At My Online Casino?

Published on January 11th, 2009 12:03 am EST

One of the questions that is most frequently asked of us is: how do I become a VIP at my online casino?

Our answer: just ask.

Here is how the VIP set-up at most online casinos works.

online casino vip players - at the roulette tableOnline casinos will reward their best customers with "VIP" status. Being a VIP means that you will receive better bonus offers from the casino, as well as receiving a number of other perks, including free trips, free cash and other assorted comps.

Now, an online casino won't just give out VIP status to everyone. They save this designation for their best customers.

What makes someone a good customer?

Just like in Vegas, casinos will reward their customers who play the most.

If you are an active player, then you will very likely qualify for VIP status.

If you aren't sure whether or not you qualify for VIP status from your online casino - just ask!

Send an email to the online casino and ask for the request to be forwarded to one of the managers. Ask them to review your account to see whether or not you qualify for VIP status.

Mention that you have been offered VIP status from another online casino, and you are wondering if they will be able to do the same (ok, this is a small lie, but you're not hurting anyone are you?) for you. Mention that you would like to keep your business with the online casino that you are emailing, and that an upgrade to VIP status would surely do the trick.

Now, in most cases, the online casino will gladly upgrade your account if you are an active player. You have to realize that you are a very valuable asset to the online casino - active players don't come along every day. They certainly don't want to lose your business, and an upgrade to a VIP account is a no-brainer business decision for them.

If they say no, then respond and ask them what it would take in order to get a VIP account. They may request that you play a bit more.

At this stage, I might recommend playing elsewhere for a while, just to see if they notice that you have left and offer you VIP status after all. You could even send them an email, indicating that you have had to take your business elsewhere. I would be shocked if they didn't upgrade your account at this stage.

Don't be afraid to ask for a better deal from your online casino. After all, what's the worst that they are going to say? No? There is no harm in asking.