Las Vegas Is Extremely Cheap Right Now

Published on March 3rd, 2009 2:58 am EST

The crippling recession that is currently running our country ragged isn't all bad news.

Las Vegas is suffering as well, but you can use that to your advantage.

People don't have as much money to spend these days, so less people are traveling to Las Vegas to gamble and spend.

las vegas welcome sign - low pricesThis means that some pretty incredible deals can be had.

Some hotels and casinos are so desperate for traffic that they are slashing room rates down to absolutely ridiculous prices.

Some hotels are charging as little as $29 a night for rooms. These aren't your seedy Vegas hotels on the wrong side of town either - these are some respectable establishments.

If you are smart with your money when you arrive in Vegas, then you can do a trip for EXTREMELY cheap these days. Airline tickets to Vegas are usually dirt cheap as well, so you can usually book a week-long trip to Vegas for as little as $300-$400.

Now, the economic model in Vegas has changed quite a bit over the past decade or so.

Vegas used to rely on gambling revenues to get by.

These days they make more from food and entertainment.

Gone are the days of super-cheap buffets at the high-profile establishments, used in an effort to lure foot traffic into their casino. The idea was - lure people in with the promise of cheap food, and they will gamble all of that money back (and more) at the slot machines and roulette tables.

Now Vegas wants to tap your wallet by offering expensive meals at fabulous eating establishments and over-the-top entertainment packages.

This is the reason for the ultra-cheap hotel rooms - they want to get you to Vegas so that you can spend your money on food, entertainment and gambling. Room revenues are a secondary consideration at this point in time.

That being said - there are still some unbelievably cheap eating options in Vegas to be had.

This is why I say that if you are smart with your money, you can really stretch your dollar in Vegas, especially in this economic climate.

Sure, you might not be able to stay at the Wynn for $29 a night, but how often are you going to be in your hotel room anyways? You are going to use the room to sleep and that's it - so does it really matter how glamorous your surroundings are?

If you were thinking of going to Vegas, then now is the time to go - it will probably never be this cheap again.