Etiquette at the Roulette Table in a Land Casino

Published on Mar 15th, 2009 - 9:22pm

Before playing roulette remember as with any game, play fair and be polite. If you have never played before, be advised: There is a rule of etiquette; be polite. By observing the rights of everyone and understanding the requirements, you should have no problem.

how to behave around the roulette table in the casinoRemember the dealer generally does not take cash bets. Your bets are placed with chips. Chips can be purchased up to a certain amount from the dealer. Tell the dealer how many chips you want and place your money on the table. The dealer will then place your chips on the table and remove the money. Never hand the money to the dealer. At most tables, the dealer is not allowed to touch the money.

Don't barge in and manipulate your way into a spot. Wait for someone to leave and take their spot. Make sure however, the individual has completed their tenure at the table. If two or ore of you are attempting to ease into the same spot, politely negotiate and see who wins. Either roll a coin or determine some means of deciding who gets the spot. But never fight.

The dealer and all players involved surrounding the table should be acknowledged. There should never be any arguing. By being polite, allowing everyone their space and maintaining your chips in front of you, you should be okay.

Maintain a calm demeanor and do not be rowdy or rude. Keep from causing a scene and never be loud. Make sure if you win, you do not yell. Loud yelling can cause chaos and dissension.

It is a good idea to always tip employees working for you. The dealer at the roulette table should be offered a tip. Unless there are signs specifically stating "no Tipping allowed" always tip.

Remember to abide by the dealers rules. The dealer will call for all bets permitting each individual and the group at the table a specified amount of time to place all bets. Place your bet within the allowed period of time. The dealer will generally allow an additional sixty seconds before spinning the wheel. When the dealer calls for no more bets, do not attempt to place a bet. Wait for the next call for bets.

Traditionally, the dealer will place a marker on the roulette table marking the slot where the ball has dropped. He will then remove all losing bets. At this time, he then pays all winners. After paying winners, the marker is removed. Do not attempt to touch your chips at this time. House rules generally state if you do or attempt to, you can be removed from the casino.

Recognize everyone's right to their own space. Do not knock over other player chips. Show respect to the dealer and others at the table. Have fun! Do not take the game too seriously. If you are stressed about finances and trying to win money to pay debts, you really should not be at the casino gambling.

It's always a good idea to come to the roulette table sober. Do not drink before playing or you might come off as offensive. This will quickly get you banned from the casino; perhaps for life.