Can a Dealer's Spinning Style Change The Outcome at the Roulette Table?

Published on July 10, 2003, 4:59 pm EST

Can a roulette player gain an edge over the casino by analyzing the spinning style of a roulette dealer? That is the main focus of this article. We scan through the various roulette "systems" on the Internet, and came across this one. In the article, the author stated that by viewing the spinning style of the dealer, the player can gain an advantage over the casino.

How would it work? The author claims that by analyzing the spinning motion of the dealer, you could determine that the ball had a better than 50% chance of landing on saying, an even number, so you could gain a slight edge on the casino. For instance, if the dealer spins and the wheel goes around a certain number of times, you could make a spread bet, betting on say, 4 different numbers, hoping that one of them would land for a big payoff, more than covering the cost of the bet.

This would be very hard to do, for a number of reasons. First, counting how many times the wheel goes around with any certainty would be nearly impossible, because the wheel goes so fast. Most casinos publish the results of the last 20 spins on some sort of computer display near the roulette table. If they were really concerned about people pre-guessing the results of the spin, would they publish these results?

Roulette is a fun game, and a social game. We wouldn't recommend stressing yourself out over how many times the wheel went around. If you want a game of strategy, play blackjack or poker.