Highrollers Playing Roulette

Published on Mar 19th, 2009 - 4:16am PST

If you are looking to make money at the roulette wheel then you have to play like the high rollers do. There is definitely a strategy that you can use with roulette to keep you winnings at a maximum and your losses at a minimum. The best players in the world know these strategies and use them on a regular basis to walk away from the table with extra coin in their pocket. Some of these true high rollers will gamble tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single roll in an attempt to cover as many of the odds and basis as possible.

Before you can understand what strategies these high rollers use and how to bring them into your own casino time you need to understand the basics of roulette. Roulette is a simple game with complex betting options. One roulette wheel are numbers ranging from one to thirty six. In addition there one other slot numbered zero and on American wheels a second slot numbered double zero. A ball is dropped in and will fall into one of the many numbers. In addition, each of the numbers has a color associated with it that you can bet on. Red and black colors are for the one through thirty six numbers, green for zero and double zero. These extra green numbers are the houses advantage in the game and over a long period of time will bring the house in extra money as the odds on payouts will favor them. However, what this system does not account for is the fact that the house can never stop playing, while you can get up and walk away when you are up significantly. It is this ability that makes the difference between great players and broke ones.

Now that we understand the basics of the numbering system we need to take a look at how one bets. You can place money down on a single number and it will pay you thirty five to one. You can bet a color and it will pay you one to one. These are the basic and simplest of bets but will become important if you wish to hedge other bets, especially by betting single colors. You can also bet odd and even numbers as well. You can combine the red and black bet with and odd or even bet to cover even more of the field and hedge your bets even more, although this puts a significant in that you can loose to the house numbers. The last kind of bet is a bit more esoteric and without having a table in front of you it will be difficult to demonstrate. What you can do is bet on the line or groups of lines for certain numbers. For example, six and nine are right next to each other on the table. If you straddle your bet over these two numbers if either hits you will be paid out thirteen to one. These are some of the bets you can make.

High rollers use there incredible bank rolls to overwhelm the table. Basically they will lay down money at a point where they have an advantage and when they win pocket the money, when the loose double down on the next bet, then walk away when satisfied.