Kenny Rogers' Gambler Mobile Double Zero Roulette

Published on Mar 23rd, 2009 - 9:53am PST

The Kenny Rogers' Gambler Mobile Double Zero Roulette, available for download at, lets you bring the excitement of Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and the gambling capitals of the world to your i-Phone or i-Pod Touch. "The Gambler" himself, Kenny Rogers, challenges you try your luck at this fun-filled and exciting application optimized for Apple's Safari mobile browser.

The i-Phone's touchscreen is used in an intuitive way to facilitate betting. The chip is tapped to select it and then the the desired bet is chosen with a tap. This process is repeated for multiple bets. The Kenny Rogers' Gambler Mobile Double Zero Roulette allows a chance to review the selection. If dissatisfied, the "clear" icon allows the user to start again. If satisfied with the bet, tap "spin" and let 'er rip.

The full range of roulette bets are included; numerical, even, odd, black, red, as well as high-low and firsts, seconds, or thirds. This wide range of betting options allows the wise gambler to hedge their bets and cut their losses.

"Cash" winnings are tracked, as well as the number of spins and the number of winning spins. The Kenny Rogers' Gambler Mobile Double Zero Roulette however is not a bank, and you are unable to bet more chips than you posses. I would bet beyond my means and run through my five hundred dollars starting money pretty quickly, but a more judicious gambler could stretch that out for hours of amusement.
The easily accessed instructions are useful for those of us who aren't professional gamblers, and the interface is clear and easy to use.
The Kenny Rogers' Gambler Mobile Double Zero Roulette underscores why gambling games are perfect for mobile devices. This game is challenging and rewarding enough for many plays, but not so involved that a commuter on a bus is totally unaware of their surroundings. The involvement of Kenny Rogers is also ingenious, given his appeal with Wild West aficionados, die-hard country music fans, as well as his ironic, retro, appeal amongst the hipster set, who seem to be forever in search of past pop culture icons. This mobile roulette game for the i-Phone manages to provide something for everyone.
If only it could provide me with some luck.