Playing Roulette in the Most Luxurious European Casinos

Published on April 3rd, 2009 - 8:31pm PST

When it comes to playing roulette in Europe, there are some hallowed casino halls that you absolutely must keep in mind. Though it is Las Vegas in the United States that gets all of the attention, there are some really great casinos in Europe for all players to check out. Whether it is London or Monaco, the best, most luxurious casinos of Europe can put to shame anything that Sin City might ever have to offer. And in the end, if you are going to be playing roulette, wouldn't you want to play in the most extravagant setting on the planet?

inside of the ritz - casino in london englandOf all of the European cities, London is probably the one with the most casino history. It is well known for its gambling establishments, both nice and not so nice. From the card rooms to the hallowed halls, London provides something for everyone that loves to gamble. The nicest, most luxurious of all of London's casinos is known worldwide as "The Vic". It is formally known as the Grosvenor Victoria Casino and it stands atop the world's nicest gambling establishments. This place is far from the smoky poker rooms of Las Vegas, and it is truly a spot to experience high stakes play at its finest. This is a place where nearly every one of the world's well known gamblers has spent at least a little bit of time.

The Ritz Club is another of the nice casinos in London that has gained acclaim. It is not nearly as nice as The Vic, but it does provide something of a luxurious place if you want to play blackjack, poker, or other table games like roulette. For the most part, this one is very difficult to gain access to, so that adds to its allure just a little bit. Other well known and luxurious London casinos include Aspinalls, which is on par with the best places to play in the world.

One would be remiss if they talked about Europe's best casinos and did not mention Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco. Anyone who has been to the small country of Monaco knows all about just how rich everything there is, but you have to step foot in this casino to truly get a feel for it. This one has been written about in books and it takes extravagance to an entirely new level. Here, table games have high limits and you better play fair or you might not make it out alive. Monte Carlo is the cream of the crop when talking about high class, high roller facilities in Europe.