Playing at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas

Published on April 7th, 2009 - 9:52am PST

Lush green foliage decorates the scenery as the distant sound of spinning reels echo. Flowing water rushes by in this miracle of modern architecture as you place your bet on red or black. The Mandalay Bay Casino offers some of the best gaming in the city of Las Vegas including the game of roulette.

art - mandalay bay casino and resort - las vegasRoulette is a tradition of European casinos and a standard in Vegas. The Mandalay Bay offers tables with a modest minimum bet to bets that will make even some of the highest rollers blush. Payouts depend on how much is bet and what is bet. A straight up number bet such as betting on number 20 will pay 35:1. That means if you bet $10 on a single number that hit, you would win $350. Other types of bets include splitting two numbers at 17:1 payout, splitting four numbers at 8:1 payouts, betting a third of the numbers which pays at 3:1, betting odd or even which pays 2:1, or the traditional black or red bet at 2:1 payouts.

The Mandalay Bay casino is lusciously divine housing a whopping 135,000 square feet of gambling pleasure. An abundance of table games line the beautiful scenery offering the gambler chances to play poker, craps, and many other games other than roulette. The casino also offers over 2,000 video and slot games for those who prefer gambling without the personal interaction of a dealer. Many of the games pay out progressive jackpots, many of which are in excess of a million dollars. Penny slots are available for those on a travel budget or bet $100.00 on machines located in the high roller section of the casino.

Another beauty of the Mandalay Bay casino is the beautiful cocktail waitresses that continuously make rounds around the tables to serve patrons alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks absolutely free of charge. Beer, wine, soda, mixed drinks of all sort, and even shots come complementary to the gambler while the gaming action creates a one of a kind Vegas adventure.

Lovers of the game roulette, or any game for that matter, will bask in the glory of the Mandalay Bay casino. The Mandalay Bay stands alone on the Vegas Strip when it comes to style, fast action play, and hospitality. Those who want some adventure come to Las Vegas. Those who want that adventure to be remembered for a lifetime come to the Mandalay Bay.