How Do I Play Roulette Online?

Published on November 21, 2003, 5:46 pm EST

This page discusses playing online roulette, and most importantly, where to play online.

What are the benefits of playing online compared to play in a casino? We have discussed this before, but in a nutshell; you get to avoid the noise of a casino; you play at your own pace, not at somebody else's pace, and you don't have to pay money to go and gamble (airline ticket, hotel, food expenses, etc.) You can sit in your apartment and play roulette at 4 in the morning, wearing your pajamas. That is the cool thing about playing roulette online.

Now, where to play online roulette? The casino we like to play it is Casino Las Vegas. Why do we like this casino? We've been playing with them for a while, and for one, their payouts are very fast. Secondly, they will match your initial deposit up to $400 chips, plus they have bonuses for amount of play and their casino, and they will also award bonuses if you re-deposit. Most importantly, their gameplan is realistic, and the graphics are stunning. Give them a shot, with their easy cash-outs, you can always move to another casino if you aren't happy with them.

As a secondary casino, we enjoy playing at Golden Palace. They offer a full slate of games, including online roulette, blackjack, craps and others. Their graphics are also impressive, and they have great customer service.

See you at the roulette table!