What To Expect When Playing Roulette in Las Vegas?

Published on March 5th, 2005, 1:27 pm EST

So you and your significant other are getting away for the weekend and going to Vegas. Your sister is taking the kids, and you have three days of complete freedom. After you drop your luggage off at the hotel room and visit the all you can eat buffet, where are you going to go? The roulette table of course.

Playing in the comfort of your own home can be significantly less intimidating than playing at a live casino. People will be watching, people will be cheering you on; the first thing is, don't let anybody else influence your actions. You are up $100 at the table, and the crowd is telling you to bet it all, and let it ride. Don't listen to them, play your game, use money management skills, and try to prolong your fun.

Secondly, the King recommends that you take advantage of the free drinks that come your way, but don't drink to the point of getting drunk, or else you might do something you regret, like risking $500 on one spin of the wheel. And always make sure to tip the waitress a little something for her trouble, then when you are thirsty, she'll be close by.

And lastly, have fun! Set aside a certain amount of "mad" money that is ear-marked to be lost gambling, and once you have hit that amount, don't gamble anymore. A smart way to do it is to limit yourself to a certain amount every day, such as $50 per day. That way you don't blow it all at once and have no money to gamble with the rest of the trip.

Have fun!