How To Play Dice on

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Dice on is another original game that the site offers, and is another game that is deceptively easy to play.

With Dice, you are betting on the virtual roll of the dice, though there are many different strategies and methods that can be employed .

Let's start with the setup of the game and go from there.

You are betting on the outcome of a dice that is 100-sided and can return a value from 0-100.

The Casino King explains what the game Dice is all about and how it works.So, if you believe that the dice roll will produce a number of over 50 (51-100), you could choose "Roll Over 50.00".

This would multiply your bet by 1.98 (if you end up winning), which would produce a profit of $0.98 for every dollar that you bet.

To enhance/decrease your odds of winning, you can choose a more limited result for your roll.

For instance, you could choose to bet on the roll of the dice producing a number between 81-100.

So, any number under 80 would be a loss, a roll of 80 would be a push and a roll of anything over 80 would be a win.

By narrowing your potential winning roll, you are creating increasing your odds, though decreasing your chances of winning.

If you chose the "Roll Over 80", you would have odds of 4.95 to win, up dramatically from 1.98.

You could also choose the "Roll Under 80" result, which would give you a multiplier of 1.2375, as you would have a much greater chance of winning.

- gives you the option to choose "Autobet" as well, and this will keep going until you hit a specific number of bets or profit/loss.

For instance, you could choose to do 100 $1 bets. The software would keep going until it was manually stopped.

Or, you could choose to continue betting until you hit $100 in profit, or your bankroll runs out, whichever happens first. also gives you the option to increase/decrease the size of your bet automatically based on the result of the last wager.

So, if you wanted to institute a Martingale type strategy, you could choose to increase your bet by 100% after each loss.

Or, if you wanted to preserve your bankroll, you could choose to scale back your bets in the midst of a bad run.


Dice on Stake, as mentioned, is a deceptively simple game to play, though is a ton of fun as well.